choosing your wedding cake

Here are some considerations to make picking the perfect cake a little easier!

How many tiers do you need?

This is based on the number of guests the cake is to serve. Our portion guide will give you an idea of what size cake you will need. If your ideal cake doesn’t have enough portions we can provide additional “cutting cake”. Alternatively, if the cake you like has too many portions for your guests, one or more tiers could be “dummy” cakes, which will look identical to the other tiers in your cake.

What shape do you like?

Traditional cakes are round and square however, more unusual shapes are also available.

What flavour cake?

We offer a wide variety of flavours for both our cakes and icings. Our cake flavours include vanilla sponge, chocolate sponge, lemon sponge, fruit cake or chocolate biscuit cake and are finished with complimentary flavoured icing. Our buttercream icings include vanilla, coffee, chocolate and lemon curd. We will also try to accommodate other flavours that you may like. It is also possible to have the different tiers of you cake in different flavours. Special requests and dietary considerations can be accommodated whenever possible.

Stacked, Pillars, Suspended Stand, Hidden Supports or Central Column?

Wedding cakes can be stacked centrally or separated with pillars for elegance and height, suspended on a chrome stand, separated with hidden supports and blocked with fresh flowers or supported with a visible central column.

Additional Decoration?

Your wedding cake can be decorated to complement your wedding theme. The use of colours, ribbons and hand piped designs should all be considered.

Fresh or Sugar Flowers

Your cake can be decorated using fresh flowers to match your bouquet or alternatively, chocolate or sugar flowers can be a beautiful addition to your cake.

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